Today, the company, which was founded in 1970 and operates in the purchase and slaughter of cattle, pigs and sheep, is one of the largest companies in this industry nationwide. With around 15000 m2 in  fully equipped and efficient infrastructures, is licensed to slaughter 223 tonnes/day, cut and produce 15 tonnes/day meat products and meat preparations.
- Slaughter Capacity:
     Cattle : 60 / hour.
     Pigs: 100 / hour.
     Sheep and Goats: 100 / hour.
The rigor, hygiene and the quality of the company's services make them worthy of the trust and loyalty of their demanding customers.



Constant search to ensure high quality animals born and raised on national soil, satisfying market needs in which we operate, while preserving traditional values, respecting the environment, animal welfare and sustainable growth, always aiming fidelity and satisfaction all our customers.


We believe in cooperative work among the people.
We believe that the knowledge and the personal growth is what promotes the growth of our company.
We believe that our work and products are reasons for our consumers to be happy.


Slaughter and marketing of:
- Cattle (cow, ox and veal)
- Pigs
- Sheep